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Icon Slayer

Web App / Progressive Web App

An Icon is shown on the device home screen when saving a bookmark. This is similar in nature to the favicon for websites. The -precomposed portion of the filename prevents Apple from automatically adding gloss, rounded corners and drop shadows.

Refer to the Webpage Icon Apple documentation page for additional details.

Apple invented the iOS Web Clip idea, but it has been picked up by Chrome (and others).

We’ve also included a manifest.json file for you as a starting point for your Progressive Web App .

See the index.html source code for how to include the icons in your page(s).

Android Apps

Google Market hi-res

Button Status / Notify

24 ldpi
32 mdpi
48 hdpi
64 xhdpi

36 ldpi
48 mdpi
72 hdpi
96 xhdpi

Menu icons and Action Bar icons

36 ldpi
36 ldpi_v9
18 ldpi_v11
48 mdpi
48 mdpi_v9
24 mdpi_v11
96 hdpi
72 hdpi_v9
36 hdpi_v11
96 xhdpi
96 xhdpi_v9
48 xhdpi_v11

Status bar icons

19 ldpi
12 ldpi_v9
18 ldpi_v11
25 mdpi
16 mdpi_v9
24 mdpi_v11
48 hdpi
24 hdpi_v9
36 hdpi_v11
50 xhdpi
32 xhdpi_v9
48 xhdpi_v11

Usage + Known Issues

– You can load PNG, JPG or BMP images. PNG files can have transparency.

Flatten source PNGs. Some browsers require source PNG files to be flattened , meaning that PNG files should not have layer information in them. The PNG can have an alpha channel (where parts of the image is invisible), but layer information can be problematic for some browsers. Flattening maintains transparency, but just reduces all layers to a single layer.

Reduce image dimensions. Source PNGs should be no larger than 1240 x 1240 pixels. The smaller your source file, the faster things will process. A good rule of thumb is to make your source file as big as the biggest icon you need.

– Safari on Mac can freeze during export. Icon Slayer uses Adobe Flash, and this is a known problem that Adobe has not resolved. Try using another browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome .

Release Notes

v23 – Dec. 6, 2016
– Updated iOS strategy to use Xcode 8.1 naming conventions, outputting AppIcon.appiconset folder with Contents.json for esy drop-in replacement in your Xcode project.
– Added Web App option for generating HTML icons for the head in link ‘s and Progressive Web App manifest.

v22 – Nov. 23, 2016
– Attempted bug fix for some browsers not being able to save icons.

v20 – Nov. 11, 2016
– iOS: iTunesArtwork files converted to RGB (no alpha) for issues on iTunes Connect where RGBA (with alpha) files are rejected.
– Updated image processor(s).

v19 – Nov. 1, 2016
– Corrected some icon naming inconsistencies for iOS.

v18 – Oct. 14, 2016
– Updated iOS and Android icon naming conventions.
– Included legacy iOS naming conventions.

v15 – Oct. 3, 2016
– Added icon support for Universal Windows Platform (UWP)

v14 – Oct. 1, 2016
– Added ability to manually enter HEX value in the color picker.
– Opener loads existing color into color picker.

v12 – Jun. 29, 2016
– Fixed slider issues from v11 release.

v11 – Jun. 26, 2016
– Added image cropper.
– Added background color option for loaded PNG images with transparency.

v0.2 – Apr. 6, 2016
– Added Mac ICNS, Windows ICO, favicon ICO formats
– Updated IOS icon sizes / naming conventions.
– Better Image production.
– Smoothing slider
– Better icon transparency support

v0.4 – Oct 22, 2012
– initial release.

Example Output

The following image is a screen-grab of all of the icons generated with Android and iOS checked.

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