Sep 17 2016

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Marcelo is amazing! My friend and I were struggling to book internal flights in Peru with our US credit cards. We called him and in 5 minutes, he had great flights, tons of advice and he knew so much about travel within the country and what to see. He s got the hookup! I just wish I would have called him from the very beginning before we booked stuff.

This place was great. We just stopped in to check out what a travel agent could do for us since we didn t have the time or know-how on planning a complex trip through South America. After our first meeting with Cesar, we realized that visiting Americas Travel was the best decision we could have made with regard to this trip.

Oh my goodness.  Have been using Marcelo at Americas Travel to book airfares to Central and South America for years.  Have always been impressed by his ability to find the BEST fares with the BEST schedules.

But my experience today takes the cake.  If I was loyal to Marcelo before, I am LOYAL to Marcelo and Americas Travel now and so are all the friends traveling with me today.

Scheduled to fly to Guatemala this morning with some friends to help build a school and spend some time enjoying the country.  Nightmare experience when we arrived at the SFO.  We barely made it for the cutoff time of checking in but, even though we were there in time, the devil airline refused to check us in and we had people depending on our arrival to work on the school project.  Not only did the freakishly terrible airline refuse to check us in, they refused to help us get on the next flight to Guatemala City.  We were told they would not be able to get us on a flight for a couple of days and each one of us would need to pay $583 for the transfer and new flight fees.

Enter Marcelo. Americas Travel has Saturday hours. thank goodness!  After beating my head against a brick wall for hours trying to have a rational conversation with the airline agents, I finally gave up and headed to Americas Travel to wait patiently for their 10:30 am Saturday morning opening.

In 10 minutes, Marcelo took care of EVERYTHING.  We went from stressing out over when and IF we could afford to get to Guatemala to being on the next flight with NO CHANGE IN PRICE.

Absolutely amazing.  Can t say thank you or recommend them enough!

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