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AMD Kaveri – graphics performance on par with Radeon HD 7750 #hotel #travel #deals

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AMD Kaveri – graphics performance on par with Radeon HD 7750

CPU Chipset – Published on Friday, 17 February 2012 12:07 Written by Jacob Hugosson

We look forward to the launch of AMD Trinity this Summer, but have already acquired some new information on the successor. Besides the third generation Bulldozer architeture it will sport a graphics processor on the level with the just launched HD 7700 series.

We know that AMD is planning to launch the third generation APU in 2013, Kaveri  – a processor with integrated graphics, and once again it will raise the bar for such a circuit. Kaveri will be the first product from the company that will make the memory non-exclusive, that is processor and graphics circuit will be able to share the memory. No matter if it is graphics built into the motherboard or the processor, the graphics processor has had to allocate a certain amount in the past. In practice it means that all RAM will then be available to both processor and graphics circuit.

Documents from AMD have revealed specifications for Kaveri, which at first sight reminds us of a recently launched circuit. Besides third generation Bulldozer architecture “Steamroller”. it will get 8 GCN units, which is the exact same as Radeon HD 7750. There is talk that Kaveri will go up to 100W just like the precursor, and be the first APU to reach 1 TFLOPS (Tera Floating-Point Operations Per Second).

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