Feb 16 2019

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Miles for Meso is a Mesothelioma Awareness Day race and fun run/walk dedicated to building awareness and funding research.

About Miles for Meso

Miles for Meso is a 5K race and fun run and walk for mesothelioma cancer awareness and research. It is an advocacy initiative of the Simmons Mesothelioma Foundation. Since launching in 2009, there have been multiple annual Miles for Meso events in Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Virgina and Florida. Over $160,000 in proceeds from all the races have gone to the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation. a non-profit dedicated to finding better treatment options for this rare and aggressive cancer.

Presented by the Simmons Law Firm, our national sponsor, Miles for Meso is a fun and educational event for people of all ages and athletic capabilities! We’re pleased to share that plans for expanding into new communities are underway!


The Simmons Mesothelioma Foundation, a private, non-profit organization founded by the Simmons Law Firm. Dedicated to helping patients and families affected by mesothelioma, the Simmons Mesothelioma Foundation works with leading researchers and treatment specialists throughout the country, supporting their search for a mesothelioma cure. Learn more about the Simmons Mesothelioma Foundation.


The Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation is a national organization dedicated to eradicating mesothelioma as a life-ending disease. The Meso Foundation is a nonprofit collaboration of patients and families, physicians, advocates, and researchers dedicated to eradicating the life-ending and vicious effects of mesothelioma. Learn more about the Meso Foundation .

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