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Travel nursing jobs that will take you places.

Think about what it would be like to take an extended vacation where you ve always wanted to visit, while working in your field and living as a local. Then, after a couple of months, move on to another destination and facility. This is the exciting career of a travel nurse.

Working as a travel nurse

Rewarding and fulfilling travel nursing jobs are available in hospitals across the country. Your role as a travel nurse is to fill a gap at the facility due to an extended absence, census fluctuation, staff training, or other situations.

You ll work on a contract basis for your healthcare staffing agency, Aureus Medical, generally from 13 to 26 weeks, sometimes more. Once your assignment is finished you ll begin your next one or you may decide to take some time off in between contracts.

The qualities of a travel nurse

Being able to jump right in as part of the healthcare team and being flexible are must-haves of a travel nurse. Most of all, travel nursing requires skilled and dedicated nurses who are strong, confident, and who put patients first.

Support from a dedicated account manager

The relationship you have with your healthcare staffing agency is also important. At Aureus Medical, you ll work closely with an experienced account manager whose specialty is nursing. Tell us about the goals you have for your personal and professional life and we ll match you with the travel nursing jobs that best fit you. Your account manager is also your point of contact to ensure your assignment is going smoothly and to begin working on securing your next one.

Housing, travel, and benefits

While you re a travel nurse with Aureus, we ll cover your transportation to and from the assignment location, pay for your housing, and provide the furnishings. We also provide an outstanding benefits package, including insurance, 401K, vacation pay, tuition reimbursement, and much more!

Personal and professional growth

Due to the length of travel nursing jobs, you ll be able to fully explore your surroundings, the culture, and all of the hidden gems you may not discover if you were only visiting for a short period of time. You ll also meet new people with each assignment and broaden your resume and professional skills.

See more, do more, and experience more with a career in travel nursing!

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