Oct 6 2017

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Program Director, Dr. Ellen Leggett, gives an overview of the M.S. in Applied Psychology program at the University of Southern California.

Program Overview

All successful businesses and organizations need two things: loyal employees and loyal customers. This intensive, one-year Master of Science in Applied Psychology program focuses directly on these two crucial areas by studying both consumer psychology and organizational psychology. Other graduate programs may focus on one or the other, and business programs may focus on the economics of desired outcomes. Yet for businesses to succeed, understanding both the consumer and employee mindset is crucial. Our unique program equips you to speak to both of these business challenges through the language and tools of psychology rather than the language of finance. Today more than ever, professionals who are experts in the Human Capital that drive organizations forward are in demand.

Program Requirements

5 Core Required Courses

2 Elective Courses

Internship Experience and Course

This accelerated program is unique within USC s Dornsife College of Liberal Arts and Sciences for having an eye towards the career preparation of liberal arts graduates .

Program Highlights

Contemporary Curriculum. In our classes, psychology theory comes to life through team-based projects that address the problems diverse organizations are facing in today s global and virtually connected world.

Innovative Faculty. Our faculty members have worked with or in organizations large and small, for-profit and nonprofit. They are passionate about the role that can be played in arenas outside academia and clinical settings by professionals who understand human behavior.

Intense, Accelerated Format: Most students complete requirements within one academic year although others choose to continue treatise and internships into the subsequent summer. The students who come to the on-campus program each year from around the country and the world take all required courses together, facilitating a cohesive, team-building experience in a personalized and inclusive environment. The diversity in our program assures you will be challenged by your peers as well as by your instructors.

Dublin Summer Internship

Gain valuable experience and learn to apply your education to real-world situations in the Silicon Valley of Europe. The Online M.S. in Applied Psychology offers an optional summer internship program in Dublin, Ireland, giving you the opportunity to experience an international organization and practice cross-cultural skills. Learn More

Alums Speak


Working well in a group has been a real skill that I have developed in this program. Working with people and networking have been much more satisfying that I expected. The level of intellect that my peers have brought has really excited me; it has been great having a group dynamic where I can trust my peers.


Before, I was really shy, but now I have become more confident and not afraid of asking for what I want. While it is an extremely challenging program, in the end you feel so accomplished that s the most rewarding part. You feel as if you can take on everything and anything.


If you re going to join this program, expect it to be a challenge but also expect to come out with a lot more than you came in with MAPP has really taught us how to brand ourselves and sell ourselves to companies, and that s really important

Internship Experience

A required internship in a business setting is a highlight of our residential program. Students have held internships in market research, marketing, human relations, talent acquisition, organizational development, and social media communications in many corporations, non-profits and start- ups, seeking out opportunities that match their unique interests.

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